Monday, April 25, 2011

Days 24 and 25 of NaPoWriMo

It's three poems for two days, this time around.


What is my home, where does it lie?
Will I know it soon before I cry?
My home, the place where my heart lies,
My possessions and purpose, my reason why.
I know ‘tis not just a building of stone,
A cold dwelling where I feel alone,
Through which my fellows’ blight shones,
Chilling me down through my bones.
My home lies forevermore in part
In another place, in another’s heart.
And nothing can hold me or thwart
My search to join this other’s heart.
Another part is a much beloved dream
That fills me to near bursting at seams.
To build a craft and travel among all that seems
Where what’s real is not and all are dreams.
Lastly, I am my home, the one I’ve become.
My heart is home for all I love and then some.
I know for true my time will come,
To leave where I am and build my own home.


Glowing in my heart is a feeling, a wish,
To find she who is my other part.
Just like Pisces, the twin swimming fish,
Always together, our tow young hearts.
Where will she be, my one true love?
Where shall my search ever begin?
Do I look down below or up above?
O should I start over again?
My heart, although one, is not complete,
Not for lack of company, just a lack of kind.
Without her, I do dearly deplete,
Oh, where do I search for her to find?
Worry I do not, for I know I’ll see
In time her within mine own eyes,
In the place where I’ll know she’ll be,
Underneath these clear blue skies.
So, my love, be always patient, as will I.
Someday we will meet face to face.
Until then, I will try not to weep and sigh,
And hope to find you in a magic place.


Holding the vision in my mind’s eye,
Seeing the goal realized before I try,
This is the power of faith that holds
Our minds true, makes our dreams bold.
Without faith, reality carries on
Having its way, moving on,
Past us along life’s highway long,
Making us weak where we were strong.
So hold on to your dreams, never give up,
See those dreams come true, don’t interrupt
The flow of faith, the power within ourselves.
Don’t put your dreams away on mental shelves.
Keep those dreams alive,
Help them to thrive,
By believing in them and seeing them come true,
And in time, with faith, they will be real for you.

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