Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 13 of NaPoWriMo

I Am

I am a man,
A man of many talents,
With a man’s contradictions.
I am a Buddhist
Who loves the pulps
And superheroes.
I am a Scholar Warrior.
I am a Writer
Who doesn’t write enough.
I am a Critic.
I am an Artist
Who needs to draw more
And get better.
I am an African
Whose Motherland is America.
I am a Citizen of the World.
I am a Loner
Who has a company of friends.
I am a Genius
Who makes dumb decisions.
I am here
Wishing I was there
And everywhere.
I live in the Now
And dream of
The Future That Could Be.
I believe in the Middle Way
And Nuclear Power
And Genetic Engineering
And Space Travel
And Progress.
I fear not the unknown;
I fear not knowing.
I am the Hero
Of my own Story
That I have
A hand in writing.
I reject being small.
I reach for becoming great.
I walk the path,
Follow my bliss,
Seek Enlightenment
And Discovery.
I love women
Without being a feminist.
Love and
Hate humanity.
I am what I am.
If that’s good enough
For God and Popeye,
Then it’s good enough
For me.

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