Monday, April 20, 2015

The Boilerplate

Here is a note I posted on my Facebook page a while back concerning the kinds of posts and links I would be sharing and my position about them:

It is probably a good time to post this.

This is a warning for those who may be sensitive to having their views challenged, made fun of, and/or contradicted. The links to articles and videos I post come from various sources. I may or may not believe or share the same views expressed in these materials. But I have taken the time to read, watch, and listen to them in the hopes of seeing through different eyes. Also because I love observing different minds at work.

Some of these materials may contain language unsuitable for young eyes and ears or even old ones. Consider this your first and last warning. Proceed at your own risk. Or don’t pay attention. There is no obligation to play attention to anything I post.

Comment as you wish but know that I may or may not be debating depending on how I feel, and will only be monitoring comments for any trouble. My threads are run more like the Old West in a lot of ways. Difficult parties will be asked to go to a neutral corner, meaning walking away from any heated discussion. As much as possible I will not be unfriending anyone. Whether or not folks unfriend me because of anything I post is not my concern. Any and all such unfriendings are personal problems, not mine.

Consider this the only warning which may be reposted from time to time.

Thank you,
The Management

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