Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day, morning edition

It is here at last, Election Day. On this day, history will be made. We Americans will either elect the first African American as president or the oldest first term president. There is something in the air today. An electricity of differing moods and feelings. A waiting for the other shoe to drop, as long as it is not upon our collective head.
Politics junkie that I am, I am up far too early here in Inglewood, California. The news is on the TV as I type this. I'm an MSNBC man, by the way. And I am settling in for what looks to be a long, long day.
I am not worried about the results. Unlike some of my friends, I am following the Middle Way. I might be disappointed if Barack Obama loses. I won't front on that. But, just as with enlightenment, I will get up tomorrow and continue living my life in the best ways that I can. If Obama does win as the polls trend towards and the pundits pitch and quasi-predict, I will feel lighter and brighter and will still get up in the morning and continue living my life.
To any who read this, pray for both candidates. For whoever wins this election, he will have a tough road ahead. There may be darker days to come. In fact, it is better to assume there will be darker days to come in some fashion we cannot see now. And there will be brighter days as well. And our new Comander In Chief will be there, leading us through those days to come. He will need wisdom and strength, passion and compassion to do so.
Let's get out there and make history today, my fellow Americans.

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